Carnival of Fun


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Thanks to everyone who made the 2019 Carnival of Fun a success!

We are especially grateful to our Carnival Committee who work throughout the year to prepare for this huge event. Without them the Carnival is not possible.

Fred Durante – Chairperson
  Jim Coffey                 Steve Coffey
    Cindy Busani             Jane Laudonia
     Betsy Parker              Pam Sloane  
Vince Heidenereich         Jason Grippo
        Irene Theriot              Rhonda Morley
            Liz Peldunas              Eduardo Rodrigues
  Alyson Falco                Alex Nanai
       Steve Strazza              Annie Simpson

We are also thankful for our sponsors and for the many volunteers who gave of themselves to help during the week.
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Thank you to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket or two in support of our parish fundraiser!


*$30,000 AMEX Gift Cards
Kathleen D.

*$5,000 AMEX Gift Cards
Nicole H.

*$3,000 AMEX Gift Cards
Lauren C.

*$500 Aux Delices Gift Card
Charles H.

*Mohegan Sun Getaway
Linda M.

*Giant Mountain Bike
Jeff D.

As always, thank you for your continued support and generosity towards St. Catherine of Siena Parish!

 Carnival Collage first night 2018

Be sure to share your Carnival memories with our friends @
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Fred Durante,
our Carnival Leader!
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Carnival 2012 036 139x82
Carnival 2012 060 137x89
Carnival 2012 045 138x81
Carnival 2012 web 1 141x156
Carnival 2012 web 3 138x138
Carnival 2012 web 4 140x102
Carnival 2012 web 7 141x104